It isn’t where I am, it’s only where I go from here that matters now…

Waiting for the show to start
So many friends!

And every step forward that followed brought her here… everyone is falling as their lives come into view, and everyone’s connected though they may not know it’s true, we form a trail of breadcrumbs, but what are we leading to? … Pull the curtain tight and adjust the seat, lean into the light, don’t forget to breathe, when the booth goes bright, it’s what you can’t see, it is everything that brought you here to me.

Rowan Blanchard is changing the world with her powerful, thoughtful, wise voice, and she’s only 15 😭

Will there be troubles? I don’t know. Will there be sweet things? I hope so.

The real MVP
What happens when the booth turns bright
Basking in the glow of a perfect night



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